About the QM

About the QM

In quantum field theory, messenger fields mediate between visible and the invisible sectors. The visible sector consists of the particles we can “see” (not necessarily with our naked eyes but definitely in experiments), the invisible sector has particles we cannot “see”.

I started the Quantum Messenger in an attempt to communicate my experiences as a researcher in Theoretical Particle Physics / Cosmology to anyone who would like to read about it. Scientific publications can be a bit daunting if you are not in the same field so I’m hoping to communicate my excitement about physics in a more accessible and personal way.

If you would like to have a look at my research papers anyways, you can find them here.

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3 thoughts on “About the QM

    1. Hi Alexa,

      Absolutely, your work was very relevant and definitely deserved to be mentioned!
      I’d be very happy to chat more, feel free to send me a facebook message or tweet.


  1. Hi Djuna,
    excellent blog. I’m writing a review of a book and wanted to seek a second opinion, but I can’t seem to find a second email for you. Could you drop a line to the email below sometime? Thanks Cormac

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