Jet lag

Jet lag

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve truly been lagging behind. My excuse is that these last months I feel like I’ve always had my one leg in a new country, and my other one on a jet.

The career of a scientist in my field typically takes place in multiple cities and countries. While based at one university, there are workshops, conferences, invited seminars and research stays. This year I’ve spend time in Madrid, several cities in the UK, I’ve just come back from Warsaw and I will spend next term in Canada and across North America. As I’m a keen traveler in my free time as well and like to pop home to Amsterdam a couple of times per year too, that means a lot of traveling.

Though I feel a little bad about the air miles I make, and my environmental food print, it’s definitely fun. I very much enjoy exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people. The only downside is that spending a lot of my time away from friends, family and my boyfriend is part of it too. Lucky there’s Skype, then, and hopefully a lot of time to blog.

My next post will be from Waterloo, Ontario!

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